The Truth About Feeling Inadequate


Incapable. Incompetent. Not good enough. No matter what you call it, it hurts. If we were to be truthful about our life experiences, all of us have felt some feelings of inadequacy at one time or another. The feeling of inadequacy is utterly crippling. It is as if no matter how many times you start a new venture, you always come to this road block of not feeling up to par. Maybe you want to feel confidently equipped to tackle a work assignment. Or maybe your desire is to be able to look into the mirror and feel like the reflection is “good enough”. But the feeling of internal defeat seems to creep into the forefront of your mind.

For me, my inadequacies surround the very medium on which this message is found. I’ve found myself wrestling with not feeling good enough as a writer or blogger. Can I really do this? Can I produce content that is helpful and life changing? My goal is to help other women reach their highest potential with the Gospel of Jesus. But honestly, the more I grow in my own walk of faith, the more I realize, I still have tons to learn about Jesus and his truth for my life. Honestly, I suppose this blog is a testament to my growth but it’s hard to pursue the “calling” on your life when you feel so unqualified.



I know I am not alone in this feeling. So many women, even some of those close to me, struggle with feeling like they are not good enough. I’ve witnessed many women stay dedicated to a job they hate, stay in cancerous relationships or worse, destroy healthy relationships because they simply don’t feel like they are good enough. It is a tragedy that so many of us could have our God -given talent minimized by the fear of failure.

The fullness of our talent is nestled in between the boldness to live by faith and the spiritual fortitude to withstand the trials. This example can be seen in the story of King David. Before he became the King to the Israelites his capacity to a leader pleasing to God already lay within him simply waiting for the appointed time to step into the fullness of his purpose. If David minimized his experiences as a shepherd he would have never defeated Goliath. He didn’t sit pondering over how he had only fought for his sheep and not in a real war. David relied on God. That is what made Him completely adequate in a situation he seemed unqualified to handle. His talent, calling, ministry or whatever you want to deem it as already resided in him because he dwelled with God.  

So where do you and I fit into this equation? How do you overcome feelings of inadequacy to reign exactly where we are today? First and foremost, we must understand the truth in order to overcome the terror of inadequacy.


1.       The word “inadequate” does not appear in Scripture.

Even in today’s most popular versions of the bible, the word “inadequate” never appears. That means it was never part of our genetic makeup. It is not in the Word of God because it does not exist. Each of us were made complete in the sight of God. We are whole with Christ. We must learn to not define ourselves by anything other than what God says. As women of God, if we say we believe that we are made in the image of God that means we are truly beautifully and wonderfully made because our Father is a beautiful and wonderful Being.


2.      Inadequacy, Fear, & Faith

Our fullness and righteous are from Christ Jesus alone. That overwhelming fear of not being good enough will always creep in when we take our eyes off the main source – God. One of the many devices of Satan is to get you to fall into fear and “feel” inadequate. Do not be led by your emotions. Emotions are fleeting. When we make decisions about our future based on our current state of emotions, not only do we rob God of his glory but we also rob ourselves of tasting the sweet splendor of our faith.


3.      In Honor Of. . .

In honor of the Savior, who died on the cross. . .   go for it! Become a Mother that is pleasing to God. Start the business. Start the bible study. Adopt the child. If God has truly called you to it, go for it. Honor God by respecting yourself and the gifts and talents he has given you. Being robbed of opportunities to exhibit our talents is one thing but disrespecting ourselves by succumbing to the lies of not being good enough is another.  When we disrespect ourselves we dishonor God. Really consider that. Believing in the lie of inadequacy is a lack of faith in that you were crafted in the likeness of the Creator.  Every unique quirk that exists in you, He crafted.  If It was not pleasing to Him, He would remove it.

Sisters, be kind to yourself. Grant yourself grace. Honor God with your gifts. Most importantly whenever you feel the intense anxiety of being inadequate, remember that feeling is only the enemy trying to convince you to abort your destiny.



  • T Pease says:

    Excellent topic! Excellent counsel from the writer! Oh so timely too. When is this article never appropriate to read qnd reflect on? I love the way you provoked me to take a good look at my self image today. There have been waaaay too many times that the “feeling” of inadequacy has uttterly defeated me and my cause. Thanks for encouraging me in the fact that I have a different choice! God bless!!

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