Rethinking Success in 2017


In just a few short weeks, 2017 will be here and the internet will be flooded with memes about the new year and new goals. If you are anything like me, you’ve set your fair share of resolutions and maybe even became obsessed with the thought of the success that can come from your new goals. Sometimes the thrill of imagining ourselves in that corner office, or becoming a flourishing entrepreneur causes us to compromise in ways we’d never imagine. With the New Year coming, let’s look at a few ways to make the most of the coming year without selling our souls for success.


Commit your works to the Lord, submit and trust them to Him,
And your plans will succeed if you respond to His will and guidance. – Pro. 16:3


#1. Rethink Success. We must redefine how success should look in the life of a Christian.

Our entire journey with God can be jaded if we don’t have a grasp on how He truly operates. The enemy has fooled Christians by making us believe that we must chase success. Success was grafted into you when you declared Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Success is developed and revealed over time. It is not something that you chase. Because we are made in God’s image, that means we already have success. God is the role model of success. Really think about it. In six days, He separated elements, created beauty with words, defined a culture with a thought and breathed life into dust. Just think about the beauty you can create in six days. Success is not about the number of followers, likes, or rave reviews. Success, true Godly success, is using the gifts within your mind and hands to help others see Christ. If we aren’t pointing people to the heart of God, we are missing the mark.


#2. Get Over Yourself. Perfection is a stealer of joy.

Sometimes we will go over things with a fine-tooth comb, just to make sure we look good in front of others. Stop getting caught up in the small things. Perfection is merely a projection of fear. Stop trying to be perfect and be purposeful. Plan, execute and revise if needed but don’t become so obsessed with the small things that you cannot set and reach your goals. God didn’t create the heavens and the earth and then go back to revise it. God wasn’t like “hold up… that cloud is crooked.” Or “Hmm… I think those leaves should be a forest green instead of olive green.” God masterfully, with careful thought and precision, created the heavens and the earth. We are to use good ole common sense and some good plans to accomplish our goals. Sister, make plans that honor God, help others and don’t sweat the small stuff.


#3. Divide and Conquer.  Take it one day at a time.

This is an area that I have struggled in but it is a discipline we all must learn. We all have goals to achieve. Maybe like me, you are trying to become healthier or maybe you are trying to save up for your $1,000 emergency fund. No matter how big or small your goal is the formula is still the same. Take it one day at a time. The man who wants to do right will get a rich reward. But the man who wants to get rich quick will quickly fail” (Prov. 28:20 TLB). Remember to build any type of wealth takes patience and persistence. Set daily goals that help you reach the big goal.


Sister, if you are not currently operating in your gifts remember today is the day. You don’t have to wait until 2017 to live a life pleasing to God. Pray that God would show you how to use the gifts of your hands to bring Him Glory. Then ask the Father to help you set the right plans in place to achieve your goals. Finish your 2016 strong and anticipate greater things for the coming season of your life.

  • Antoyia says:

    “He separated elements, created beauty with words, defined a culture with a thought and breathed life into dust.”
    *takes off running around the room* Yaaaassss to all of this! Love it! To think that God did all that and then still took the time to delicately create me. What a blessing! That in itself says I’m destined for more than “just enough” and alright. I pray daily that God allows me to build myself up, not for me, but to bring glory to Him and His kingdom. I pray when people see my success that is not egotistical or boastful, that truly they see the light that shines from within that is God. I pray that I’m walking in my purpose and not wasting one talent.

  • BeyondBr says:

    Sister definitely continue to keep the Word of God close to your heart. He will always reveal when we are operating on our own accord and outside of His will. Also, do not underestimate the small things that you do everyday to impact others’ lives. Have a wonderful day. – Live Purposely 🙂

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