What can I say? I love Jesus & I love small business!  Since I was a little girl I had aspirations of opening my own business. From restaurant ideas to boutiques to real estate, I love the idea of creating spaces that would serve other people. Unfortunately, so many of my ideas simply faded away due to lack of direction and mentorship. After college, I, like many others, fell into monotonous jobs that could pay the bills but did not fuel the purpose I was created for. It was as if my soul ached for more but I couldn’t quite find the right footing to get there.  I knew I was created for more than just working a job. More specifically, I knew that Jesus was calling me to do more with the gifts He’d given me to steward. After working in retail management and coaching many sales professionals throughout the years, there was one constant – people hated their jobs.  I was surrounded with people that knew they were talented and that God put a knack for business in them but they felt stifled and trapped in their current life.

I began hosting networking events for women as a means of bridging the gap for those who had a dream but not the support to make their dreams a reality. After years in the telecommunication industry, I switched to the education sector hoping to become a gateway for those who sought higher education as a means of bettering themselves. That was short lived. It wasn’t long before that ache  for creative and economic freedoms returned. After I relocated from Dallas to Chicago in the Fall of 2016, my life took a major shift. I started having a love for business and yearn for entrepreneurship like never before.                           

In Fall 2016,  I launched the blog “Beyond Brokenness” but quickly found that something was still missing. In Summer 2017, I rebranded “Beyond Brokenness” to become the creative consulting agency The Launch Box Creative Co. The company was literally a God-given idea that popped into my head as I was driving. Instead of me just writing about business, I’ve been able to help others pursue their entrepreneurial call. I knew that ultimately people just needed a chance to launch hence The Launch Box Creative Co. was born and let’s just say I’m in creative bliss!


If you need help creating a vision for your business – What are you waiting for? Let’s Launch!