5 Ways to Stay True to Your Creative Voice


We live in an ever-changing culture. The world around us seems to be in this constant state of fluidity and the level of our success seems to be directly correlated to our ability to change with the times. While staying up to date with the latest news and developments is innocent enough, it can prove to be stifling to your creative voice. It is not hard to find yourself feeling the need to conform to the way other popular creatives write. Don’t conform! It takes time to discover your creative voice.  As you are learning more about your unique voice and the value that you bring to the digital and social marketplace here are a few ways to not lose your creative voice in the sea of changing trends

1.       Remember why you started. Focus on your mission and your mission alone. Forgetting why you started creating can cause you to become distracted and even discouraged. Instead of being able to let your creative voice come through your works, you will start to dedicate more time than needed towards menial tasks. It’s possible to also find yourself in this constant state of confusion, trying to appease everyone except the people you were called to serve.

2.      Minimize your scroll time. Yep. Cut down on your influencers. Focus on being an influencer else you will be influenced. We all have favorite Instagram accounts or Youtube channels. However, if you are not careful you will unconsciously start trying to look and act like your favorite Instagrammer instead of fine tuning your own creative voice. Use your favorite creative’s account to motivate you to passionately pursue your calling.

3.      Create. Create. Create. Keep writing. Write more than you posts. Literally. Focus on writing more than you post on social media. The idea is to create a reservoir of content. Even if you don’t immediately publish the content, it will be ready at the appropriate moment that your clients need it. If you are focused on creating the content that matters you will find yourself reaching new of creativity.

4.      Engage in your personal development. Studying other people’s profiles is not a personal investment. You are comparing your success. Take charge of your own success. Invest in your craft. Writing is an art. Just like a singer or an athlete, you will need to take time sharpen your skill set. If you focus on this personal development, your mindset will change. Be dedicated to reading a new book each month. Take writing classes. Network like crazy. Get involved. You will find that as you engage in personal development you’ll have more opportunities to share your creative voice with others.

5.      Trust the Holy Spirit. The power within this step underestimated. I’ve had more adventure in my life and more flare in my creativity by listening to His voice. Trust Him. Our unique voice is really the Holy Spirit working through us. This step may be the most important. Listening to Him allows us to create a message that is needed across our communities. If you want your creative voice to ring aloud in the flooded digital marketplace – trust the Holy Spirit.