47 Ronin Christianity

Would you die for Christ? I’m not speaking of metaphorically dying. I’m asking if you would lay down your life for the Savior without hesitation. Would you she’d your blood for the One who bled for you.

After recently watching the movie “47 Ronin”, I found myself toying with the thought of dying for my beliefs. It’s easy to say that I would die for Christ but saying it in theory versus reality is completely different. I must admit that I wonder “Do I possess the spiritual backbone to honor my Savior in life and death?”

In my mind, if the 47 Ronin went on a suicide mission for the honor and respect of a mere man, than how much more should we be willing to honor Jesus with our lives. It takes a certain type of faith to rush into the “hands” of death for God. You have to be so anchored in your beliefs that nothing can shake your confidence. However, if we are made in His image and Jesus died for me, then we should be even more eager to bring God glory in life or death.

In some ways, watching the movie brought a different perspective to my Christian life. The reality is that there are Christians across the world that are being murdered for believing in Christ. The stories of their faith are increasingly being plastered across news headlines. Personally, I can only pray that if I am ever faced with the decision to keep or lose my life that I would “charge into battle” knowing that with my last breath I glorified God.